Janse Heijn was born a magician.

Ever since he can remember he enjoys entertaining people with his jaw-dropping illusions. He combines modern sleight of hand with surrealistic props and dry comedy. His interactive performance has only one purpose: to amaze you to the core. Sit back and be surprised!


Janse has performed for literally thousands of spectators in more than 15 countries. His magic has amazed people on receptions, birthday parties and seminars. Because of his original approach, Janse was awarded with a second price at the Dutch National Championship of Magic in 2016.


Janse is trained to perform both close-up magic and magic on stage. As a close-up magician he shows magic for small groups of audience members, for instance at a diner table. During these interactive mini-performances he shows magic with common and less-common objects, right in front of the eyes of your guests.


On stage Janse presents his award-winning magic with a high level of skill and comedy. A central theme in his stage-act is perception and probability. Not only will your audience have a great time; they will also have something to think and talk about for the rest of the week.



In most companies and other organisations problem-solving is an overly common practice. Like in magic, sometimes it appears like there is no solution possible. Therefore Janse created the workshop: ‘Think like a magician’. In this workshop Janse uses tricks and philosophy to explain how to think creatively about ‘unsolvable issues’. Ultimately, thinking with a magician's mind-set can help you discover the keys you’re looking for!


Target Audiences

Janse has performed magic for a large diversity of audiences, including various cultural groups. Also, he did shows for people with a physical or mental disability, scientists and fellow magicians. Janse speaks three languages reasonably well and is fluent in Dutch and English. Prior to a performance for a target audience, Janse will always discuss points of attention with the hosts of the event. In this way, his magic enjoyable for everyone.


Quality in Magic


“Janse has caused much surprise and amazement with 50 people surrounding him. He has shown excellent affinity with our target audience and he has made our party.”

Max Mulders / De Wereld van Jansje


Janse is an active member of the Dutch Magical Union (NMU) and the Magic Circle in Utrecht. He recently became involved in the charity Magic Care, an organisation that uses magic as a form of therapy for children in a difficult situation.


Next to working as a magician, Janse earned two master degrees (one in ecology and one in International Development). When he has spare time, Janse likes to read, to play the piano and to travel to exotic destinations.




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